Long Term Capital Growth with Value Add Real Estate Investments

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A Note From Ryan Pineda:

I’m launching this real estate fund to invest in long term multi family, commercial, and land developments. Up to this point I have flipped hundreds of homes and built my own real estate portfolio. My goal now is to use all the skills and relationships I’ve developed throughout my career to do bigger and better deals! The greatest part of this is I’m now going to include investors like you to share with me on these amazing deals!

Meet the Team

How Pineda Capital Works

1. You Invest
Choose the desired amount you want to invest and become a limited partner in these real estate deals.

2. We Find Deals
We use proprietary strategies to find and negotiate great real estate deals all across the country.

3. We Manage
From acquisition to management to disposition, our team handles it all.

4. You Make Money
We send you quarterly distributions as an investor!

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Why Invest with Pineda Capital?

Better Deals

We are targeting projects that will generate 8-10% cash-on-cash annualized returns and 12-15% IRR.

Cash Flow

Distributions will be made quarterly and each Investor will have access to their own portal on our website.

Tax Benefits

Share in the benefits of owning real estate. Asset deprecation allows you to save more each year on your taxes.


Invest in multifamily, commercial, retail, and land.

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Pineda Fund I Overview

Pineda Fund I is actively seeking accredited investors to help raise up to $10M for the acquisition of approximately $30M - $40M worth of real estate assets in the multifamily, commercial and land development classes.

Investors will be paid out in quarterly distributions and can expect a 8-10% cash-on-cash annualized return and 12-15% IRR.

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Target cash-on-cash annualized return and 12-15% IRR.


Acquisitions over the next two years.


Initial amount fund is seeking to raise.

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